September 11, 2009

Email and programming

Jim and I occasionally talk about programming by email where I’ll ask a question or describe a situation and he’ll tell me I’m wrong.  And sometimes he’ll email me asking about some old programming language and I’ll rattle off some stuff and he’ll gleam enough to remember the right answer.  It works great because later on when he needs help with his sprinkler system or some problem with his toilet or a ceiling fan I’m right there with the magic fix!

Anyway, today I had a question about “constraints” in c# and his answer was awesome! So I told him we should post it to but that we should reformat the question so it doesn’t look like I’m a dumb ass.

Jim proposed that he post my question and that I post his answer . . .  so that’s what we did. I hope my boy Jeff doesn’t get mad and take it down!  I need the rep Jeff!

I wish I could post the original email because it’s pretty funny but I’d have to cut though the inside jokes that are funny to us but probably offensive to outsiders. I’m sure Google will make it public and search-able someday!


P.S.  No, I don’t know Jeff Atwood (used full name so that his ego search will find this) but he replied to my email once so now we are best friends.